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Comments: 126

  1. Anup mishra says:

    I vote for kushal.

  2. Vicky says:

    Voted for my bro ushank

  3. Chirag says:

    I vote for gautam dheer

  4. Hansika says:


  5. Sneha says:


  6. Aritri says:

    I vote for shubham

  7. Akash says:

    I voted for gautum

  8. Ankit says:


  9. Juli says:


  10. Juli says:

    I vote for subham chahuan

  11. Akshta says:

    I vote for gautam

  12. Harsh Bhalla says:

    Vote my bro mukul

  13. Shruti says:

    I’m voting for Shubham chauhan

  14. Varun says:

    I vote for Harsh yadav

  15. Aryan Dhouni says:


  16. Raman says:


  17. Priyank Rastogi says:

    Voted for my nigga Shivam Soam

  18. Akshay says:

    Mukul bhay h kyaa

  19. Raman says:

    I vote for koshal

  20. Ch.worlan says:

    Shivam soam♥️

  21. Prachi says:

    I voted for Mukul

  22. Hemangi says:

    Shivam soam

  23. Simran says:


  24. Manish Gurjar says:

    vote for kushal gosain

  25. Bharat says:

    Shivam Mah Man😉

  26. Anurudh says:

    I vote kushal gusain

  27. Vijeta says:

    I vote for guatam

  28. Uttam says:

    I vote for khusal

  29. Hunny says:

    Kushal Broo

  30. Yogita says:

    My vote for gautam

  31. Indraraj gurjar says:

    I bot for kaushal

  32. Preetisaini says:

    #Coolest boy 😉gautam

  33. Ravi Kumar says:

    I vote for kushal gosain

  34. सतीश कुमार says:

    I vote Kushal

  35. Himanshu says:

    Vote for kushal

  36. Suraj bhan says:


  37. Tyagi says:

    Kushal gosain

  38. Shailendra says:

    I vote for kushal

  39. Myank says:

    I wote far shivam

  40. Sourabh Srivastva says:

    I vote for Gautam dheer bhai 🥰

  41. Guneek Singh says:

    Vote kushal Gossain

  42. Nikki kataria says:

    I vote for gautam bhai 😎🤟

  43. Rahul says:

    Vote for kushal

  44. Preet Malik says:


  45. Sagar dabas says:

    Kushal gosain

  46. Mohit soni says:

    Vote For kushal♥️

  47. Tushar vohra says:

    Mukul bhai

  48. Vishal says:

    Vote for harsh yadav

  49. Aarti says:

    I vote for bhagat

  50. Ashutosh says:

    I vote for Aman

  51. Kateie says:

    Bhagat my vote is only for u bro♥️🔥

  52. Khyati says:

    I vote for gautam

  53. Vicky says:

    I vote for bhagat

  54. Vikrant says:

    Vote for Deepika

  55. Monica says:

    Deepika (diva dipti)

  56. Kunal says:

    Vote for Payal Tuteja

  57. Ammy says:

    vote for jashan

  58. Yogesh says:

    Depika my vote

  59. Dimple bajaj says:


  60. Vicky says:

    Vote for Deepika

  61. Bhagat says:

    Vaani he jeete gi…….

  62. Naveen Kumar says:

    Vote 4 deepika

  63. Deepak says:

    Vote for Deepika 💕

  64. Kavita says:

    I vote for harshita

  65. Radhe Sachin says:

    vote for Payal tuteja

  66. Suraj says:

    Payal tuteja wins all Himachal support you

  67. Anuj says:

    Best of luck

  68. Shubham Malik says:

    Malik sahab

  69. Rahul says:

    Vote for deepika

  70. Amit mahla says:

    Vote for dipika

  71. Nisha says:

    Harshita…. Great

  72. Shona kumari says:

    My vote for deepika😊

  73. Nirmal says:

    I vote for Deepika

  74. Amit mittal says:


  75. Neha koshik says:


  76. Sanskriti sharma says:


  77. Priyanshi saini says:

    My vote for deepika🙏

  78. Ishu rao says:

    Deepika 😍

  79. Neha jha says:

    Deepika my besti😘

  80. Bittu tomar says:


  81. Rajat bhardwaj says:


  82. Yashika says:


  83. Ch isar ahmed says:


  84. Aaksh says:


  85. Pankaj singh says:

    Deepika ko vote kro🙏

  86. Harshit swami says:

    Vote for deepika😊

  87. Pooja choudhary says:


  88. Tushar panday says:

    Deepika my bsti😊

  89. Ashu jindal says:


  90. Ronit saini says:


  91. Aman says:


  92. Parkash bhardwaj says:


  93. Preeti dhaiya says:


  94. Alisha chauhan says:

    Deepika dii😍

  95. Naveen saini says:

    Deepika sis😊

  96. Arun bagri says:


  97. Pnkaj ahuja says:

    Deepika beta🙏

  98. Amar k 47 says:

    Deepika 🤘 vote for deepika

  99. Gaurav saini says:


  100. Mohit sharma says:

    Dipika vote

  101. Shivi rathor says:


  102. Sourav singh rajput says:


  103. Suraj says:

    Nona ji payal jeeta gi

  104. Suraj says:

    Nona ji payal jeeta gi

  105. Suraj says:

    Payal tuteja

  106. Maan singh says:


  107. Savegirls0021 says:


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