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Spider Man Far From Home Trailer breakdown

Spider Man Far From Home Trailer breakdown


Spider-Man: Far From Home’s second trailer was released on 6th May 2019 and it starts with a spoiler warning from Tom Holland, that there’s gonna be serious endgame spoilers out there but you are safe if you have seen it so you can continue reading too!

Spoilers and Fan Theory

Comic Book

Iron man graffiti on the wall, “Everywhere I Go, I See His Face”, says Spidey. Kinda like our Instagram wall these days? Happy to spidey, “I Miss Him Too, But I Don’t Think Tony Would’ve Done what he did if he knew you are gonna be here after him” Here happy refers to the time travelling machine tony built, and we all have seen, in whose memory tony have built that.

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Action Time


In the next scene, we can see Spidey in action (in same Iron Spidey Suit), fighting with villains and saying that he is kinda bored doing the job of the police and he is off for a vacation and then received a call from nick fury So it could be it! Our friendly neighbourhood Spiderman is on the road to becoming the ULTIMATE SPIDERMAN! Spidey puts fury’s call on voice mail, I guess till now he didn’t even know who he is, as nobody can refuse him. And also I really can’t figure out why Marvel isn’t calling MJ Mary Jane Watson? But anyhow, Peter Parker Really thinks MJ likes her, and we should trust his instincts, DUDE! He has Spidey Sense!

Nick Fury meets Spider-Man


Nick Fury finally approached Spider-Man and took him to a tunnel like a thing, but hi-tech!  Fury introduced him to Mysterio, but as Mr Bet!
Alright, as wong, Dr Strange, and Ancient one told us that using of stones can lead to something brutal and consequences wouldn’t be nice. It can awake Dark Energies, and so is what we can see, the elementals!
In the trailer and teasers, we can see that Mysterio with the help of Spiderman fighting against elementals and Saving the world, But according to me and few comics, it’s more likely that after the iron man was gone, Captain America retired, thor off World, and captain marvel unavailable. Mysterio is making some kind of illusions here, could be possible that the elementals are made by the Mysterio himself, and Mysterio is fighting with them to replace all superheroes with him.
Spiderman in black costume so that his friends don’t feel suspicious about peter parker.

Next Iron Man

The Verge

Spidey wears tony’s sunglasses which we have seen in the infinity war saga, when he says, “World Needs New Iron Man”  It would be possible that he is referring to himself, because of the techy arm you can see in the scene. But it could be more likely for Mysterio, that according to spidey Mysterio could replace him

Here is the full Trailer:



This Article is written by Hardeep Singh


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