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Captain Marvel Full Movie

Captain Marvel

Captain Marvel Full Movie

Captain Marvel Full Story

(scene 1)

The story starts with captain marvel dreaming of her past (dream: she was flying an aircraft of US army with her best friend and Kree scientist Mar-vell). She suddenly wakes up and found herself in a bedroom with technology; she was wearing a green tight dress (as you may have already watched in the trailer) and watch out through the window. Cars were flying and large developed buildings were there (she was on the planet Hala which is described in Guardians of Galaxy). She was a Kree StarForce member and meets with Jude law to tell her about her dreams of past and asks him for a sparring match. While sparring, he tells her to forget about her dream and live in present and loses in combat with him.  Then Skrulls (rivals of StarForce (other rival race)) attacks the planet Hala and StarForce prepares to take revenge.



Only the best and selected members of StarForce prepares for battle along with captain marvel because of her powers in a spaceship and lands to planet of skrulls (Tarnax IV) (it was revealed in comics that Thanos’s mother was a Skrull). StarForce saw some Skrulls in a cave and decided to attack.

Note: Skrulls are shapeshifters and can copy one’s personality, looks, even DNA.

They take their positions and just started to attack Skrulls but one of them becomes Jude Law and tells cap Marv to stop. Others StarForce members kill Skrulls while the Skrull as Jude Law takes captain marvel after hitting her head.

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Skrull leader Talos wants to investigate Vers memories…

(Note: Vers is the a name of captain marvel given by Jude Law when he found her, this is a suspense that how she gets this name)…

Talos see in vers’ head for old memories of Vers which showed her on planed C-53 or Earth. Some of them were full of joy and some are of pain. He wants to know about the Kree scientist Mar-Vell, who was with Vers on C-53. And gets her name from her coat (coat of the uniform of the US military) by zooming / focussing on the name tag inside Vers’s memories (the marvelname was Dr.wendy Lawson).

Captain Marvelsuddenly wakes up from being faint for some time, found her hanging upside down inside HQ of skrull base and tries to freed herself but failed. She tries again but some blockers on her hands blocked her full power so she can’t use her powers but have to beat skrulls down with only combat . She beat down skrulls by fighting them hand to hand combat (oops, her hands were blocked) and blasts the main computer in HQ which slowly destroys everything. Skrulls were through pods and Vers gets inside one of the pod to escape. While she was taking off, Talos hit one of the rotators. Vers escapes Tarnax IV and crashes into one of the Showbox shop (movies /DvD shops) on planet C-53.

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(Scene 4)


Vers gets out of the shop and tries to find a way to communicate to StarForce but found nothing. In front of the shop was an police officer sitting inside his car reports about the accident happened to Nick Fury (he was a shield agent in his old days ) .Vers asks officer about if there is any way to communicate to anyone ,officer points out at one of the telephone booth . Vers modifies telephone and connects its wires to telephone. Now she can only talk but can’t actually see her and StarForce (Jude law and other members) can see her from spaceship or star ship. Vers tells about she somehow escapes Tarnax IV and Currently on C-53. Jude Law tells her to wait so they can reach her, but nearest portal to C-53 takes 22hrs to reach. Conversation ends with a beep as limit being reached of telephone. Vers doesn’t want to wait but to investigate about Dr. Larson before Talos got to her for some reason (explained later). Nick Fury comes into scene and asks Vers for her identity card (complementing her for wearing StarForce’s clothes and misunderstands it from some sort of cosplay) Vers didn’t know about anything on C-53 and tells her identity as ‘Vers, captain of StarForce ,race-kree , planet-hala ‘ .Nick doesn’t know about anything on space or other Planets so he takes it like her part of cosplaying and asks her to tell the truth about accident pointing gun towards her . She tells him and Coulson (standing beside Nick) about planet hala and skrulls and tells him about skrulls wants to invade Earth; Nick again doesn’t take her story seriously.

(Scene 4(2))

On sidescene, skrulls(Talos and 2-3 of other skrulls) already landed on Earth on a beach  and shift their shape according to humans they first saw on beach and tries to find Vers.

(Scene 4(3))

Scene again comes on Nick being investigating and listening to Vers’s story and one of the skrull finds Vers and tries to attack her but failed and Vers suddenly followed him to kill him. Such that skrull begans to run and want to get rid of Vers. So he shifts his shape whenever he saw a different person in order to escape her. He then boards a train and shifts his shape into and old women. Vers follows him but door of train closes (in between this hastle, Vers watch some of the passengers unboarding the train and one of them was that old women that skrull was shifted his shape into). She climbs to the end of train and breaks through the window to get inside and opens the door to get in bogey . She was finding that skrull and saw that old women she saw unboarding . Skrull as old women gives her a sweet smile but Vers hit her as hard as she could…

(Note: while Vers was finding skrull, Stan Lee appears as one of the passenger of the train ,his one and only cameo in captain marvel)…

Skrull fights captain marvel but obviously loses (in between this fight , some other passengers tries to stop Vers to hit skrull bcz he was old women .even as an old women he showed extraordinary strength, still passengers protected the skrull). skrull escapes but captain marvel catches him and killed him.

 (Scene 4(4))

This scene tells us about where the heck fury went after 1st scene he appeared. When Vers was chasing skrull (old women), fury was chasing Vers as he saw Vers hanging on the last bogey of the train and followed her in a police car. Coulson was driving. But then suddenly he gets a call from coulson and he told fury that they left him in front of the DvD store. That proved that Coulson who was driving was a skrull so Fury hit him , he hits him back and in this fuss, both gets caught in a car accident , but Fury gets out of upside down car safely while skrull was dead (obviously they missed Vers in this situation )

So he called other officers and forensics to interrogate the skrull’s body.



Scene opens with Talos found skrull’s body (the one who was killed by Vers after a log chase) and promises over his dead body that he will take his revenge from Vers. Scene changes showing Vers standing outside a shop (scene describes a sunny day , probably it’s afternoon , there were shops behind where she was standing ,and the area was not crowdy as the area can be picturized as of Texas (sandy area) .

Suddenly a guy comes on a bike and asks Vers to go with him but Vers doesn’t respond to him. He mutters himself saying Vers is ‘pethetic’ and enters a bar behind Vers.

Vers gives a little smirk and steals clothes and his bike to investigate further for Dr.Lawson before Talos finds her.

 (Scene 5(2))

This happened before this bar scene and after bike scene. You may have wondered why Nick decided to believe her and wants to help her?!! Here’s why-

After scene 4.5, Fury appears in a forensic lab where shield chief officer was present telling fury about skrull being an alien and ugly creature. Fury started believing captain marvel or Vers and finds her in the bar and scene 6 starts.

 (Scene 6)


Vers rides the bike and finds a bar-lounge where she used to come with her friends to drink, celebrate and doing party and karaoke. Some of her memories return of that bar. She looks in one of the pictures hanging on the wall with Dr.lawson and her partying and ‘Pegasus’ was written on it. She asks bartainder that what and where is ‘pegasus’ , bartainder says ‘excuse me?!!’ and goes out of the scene as Nick Fury shows up from under the table of bartainder and tells her that ‘pegasus’ is some top secret and cannot be revealed . They both sit down and talk to each other, both ask each other to show evidence to prove that they are not skrulls (as skrulls may have shifted the shape to look like them). Vers asks questions from fury from his past (funny memories of fury were revealed) and Vers blasts off a beer machine with a photon blast (one of her ability’s name) in order to prove him that she is not a skrull. Fury asks ‘and how this is gonna proves that you are not a skrull ‘ (laughs). Vers tells him that skrulls can’t do photon blasts. Fury decided to help Vers finding Dr.lawson and ‘pegasus’.

 (Scene 7)


(Note: – Pegasus was actually a project that Dr.lawson was working on to create fastest aircraft and easy aircraft for women to operate and participate in us army, but her real intension was something else bcz she was actually a skrull not a human)

Fury takes Vers to the place where Dr. Lawson was researching ‘pegasus’. A military officer in charge asks them to wait for meeting Lawson (officer calls shield to confirm that Fury was sent by them for interrogation but obviously he only came to help Vers ) so military officer asks them to wait in the room for an appointment (but not actually) . Nothing was happening and noon is coming so they decided to barge in to meet Lawson but there was a finger print scanner to open the metallic door. Fury open the door by finding a tape and a finger print from file lying on a desk inside waiting room and unlocks the door.

 (Scene 8)


After the door was unlocked, they get inside a space where there were many rooms each locked with a metallic door and a staircase room for emergency exit and a lift. They entered the door which shows a board on which Dr.lawson’s name was written.

No one was there. They checked the room and files related to Dr.Lawson and finds that she was already dead years ago and the last one to saw her was Vers best friend Maria Rambeau. This report helped Vers to remember more from her past. Then suddenly alarms makes sounds which make Vers and Fury that Shield has already came. (Before this, chief of shield called Fury to ask him where he is and Fury unknowingly answers him his exact location of the fact that he already knows and reaching towards him). Fury and Vers tries to escape and finds an aircraft inside garage type of area which Vers flies.

(Scene 8(1))

After Fury and Vers were aware of the fact that shield has arrived already , they ran to meet Maria Rambeau after reading the location inside file found inside Lawson’s room. In one of this running scene, Vers escapes but fury didn’t and fury makes contact with the chief and do a conversation about their past days , but chief acts as not remembering them and then suddenly agreeing with it . Fury suspects him and tells him another fake incident of past missions and chief agrees it, fury proves that a skrull has taken chief’s place (this skrull was Talos).

Then fury struggles in a fight with Talos but ran out of the scene to meet Vers to escape.

(Scene 8(2))

In scene 8 from the scene when Fury and Vers were waiting in the room, ‘goose’ named cat appears and has a regular role in the film there on. Goose was the name of a cat owned by Mar-Vell.goose also followed Vers when they were interrogating Lawson’s room and also followed Vers when she escaped in aircraft with Fury, that means goose is now with Vers and fury and all of them have escaped the military base for ‘Pegasus’ to find Maria Rambeau. (Sorry for not telling about goose from starting of scene 8, I forgot .please combine these parts with actual scenes).

Also, Fury knows that Talos has shapeshifted into Chief of Shield and he tells to Vers about it.

One more small point I missed is that chief of the shield has come along with other agents and officers including Coulson (this was not very important but Coulson helped fury to escape military base).

(Scene 9)


They landed their aircraft in front of Maria Rambeau’s house as they readed address on file of Lawson’s office and the direction to location is given by fury to Vers.

They knock on the door and the daughter of Maria opens the door. She recognized Vers and asks Vers to come inside saying “come in Aunt Carol”. Vers doesn’t get ‘carol’ as her name and confused, she enters followed by fury and goose in furi’s arms (fury does love cats! And gooses are one of them). Maria’s daughter gets excited to see Aunt Carol after so many years and shows her belongings that have been kept by Maria after when the accident happened and she was lost and never was found. She found a badge broken and ‘Vers’ was written on it. Vers tries to tell everything to Maria and her daughter about skrulls, kree and etc… But it was difficult for them to understand obviously. She privately tells her about that, she has lost all her memories. (Privately as in, she asks fury to go outside and play with goose and take Maria’s daughter with him). Maria tells about Vers’s past that she was in us army with her and Lawson and Vers were in the same aircraft, which was crashed and it was assumed that both of them were killed (Vers and Lawson) in accident and only her belongings left which were taken by Maria (includes a leather jacket of us army that Maria’s daughter likes to wear). Maria also tells her that her name is ‘Carol Denvers’

( Vers came from Denvers , because her badge broke because of the accident and Vers was left out of the name , she is being called Vers on Hala. How did she got on Hala is suspense.)



When Maria was telling Carol everything about herself, Talos entered the room (I don’t know may be from the back door) and asks Carol to calm down and just listen to him. Carol denies but one of the skrull has captured Maria’s daughter (this was the last skrull left that came with Talos , remember I wrote 3 others came , only one left.) (One was killed by Fury and one by Vers / Carol).

Carol agrees on one condition that she would free her daughter and fury. He calls the skrull and both fury and her daughter were free from skrull (obviously goose, who was with fury all the time). Talos shows a voice recording of the time when an accident occurred to Carol and others present there.



This scene describes the evidence in voice recording. After hearing voice recording, a truth is revealed that Carol obviously was never a kree, she is still a human. (In the scene of an accident, she was bleeding and green blood was coming out instead of red, in her dreams of past described in the first scene). Mar-vell or Dr.lawson, both are the same person and was a kree. In that scene, an accident happened because Jude Law wants Mar-vell to be captured for project ‘Pegasus’. She created an energy core which she planted inside Carol’s aircraft. That energy core was needed by Jude law.

Jude law bursts the aircraft in which Carol and Mar-vell were sitting (both Carol and Mar-vell were flying in the same aircraft). Jude law demanded for energy core but Mar-vell refused and Carol was confused bcz he doesn’t know about Mar-vell being kree, Jude law and kree-skrull war. Aircraft emitted a bright blue light which was energy core (assumed by Carol) and blasted it with her gun. Explosion covered Carol but Carol unexpectedly absorbed the power of energy core and got her captain marvel powers and faints because of the explosion. Then Jude law takes Carol away with him on Hala, he saw a piece of her badge written name ‘Vers’ on it (from here she got name Vers by krees) and threw it back on the field . He transmitted his blood inside Carol’s body, that’s why she bleeded with green blood.

(Scene 12)

Digital Spy

After knowing all the truth, she believes Talos because of evidence of voice recording and asks him what to do next. They decided to go in space where the main lab of Mar-vell is. But they don’t have any spaceship but an aircraft which doesn’t fly into space. Talos recommended that skrull will repair it and make the aircraft suitable to survive in space (last skrull with Talos) . Fury provided him with equipment he needed for upgrading aircraft into a spaceship. While he was upgrading the aircraft, Carol meets Maria’s daughter to change her clothing style before they take off the next day. Carol found her dressing sense better than anyone.so she changed Carol’s clothes colours according to us flag’s color (she got this idea at that time because she was wearing a red and blue patters t-shirt and Carol tells her that they are in same team so their uniforms would be of same colour!) The skrull upgraded aircraft (to be able to survive in space) and all who are currently present except Maria’s daughter takes off from C-53 to Mar-vell’s space lab. (Carol, fury, goose, Talos, skrull, Maria) (Maria hesitates much to not to go into outer space but her daughter motivates her to do so, she accepts the offer and go).



Jude law finds the truth that they are going to Mar-vell’s lab so he decided to go there. After Carol and team takes off ,they reach to Mar-vell’s lab according to coordinates given by Talos to the lab’s location .they all reaches the lab ,enters it and found “The Tesseract”(they find tesseract at Mar-Vell’s lab and where she was researching at the power core)(container of mind stone ,as you may know). (Tesseract was main source of energy core that Mar-vell being working on and it is technically possible that Captain Marvel has tesseract’s powers). They put tesseract in a steel box (kind of steel lunch box) and investigated further, the lab. Then they found a coffee mug which was still hot (predicting that they we’re not alone). Talos then speaks something in his own language and all other skrulls left (after the Tarnax IV was destroyed) the planet was present there, as (Talos has brought them to this space lab in advance and he planned this from the start).

Suddenly a chaos occurred and kree StarForce and soldiers surrounded space lab to kill all the skrulls and capture Carol.

(Scene 14)


Now Carol was with Talos and fights alongside him against the Kree bcz she knows the truth the Jude Law brought her to Hala and all between them was a lie and skrulls were never bad. Kree members arrived with Jude law, Minn-Erva, captain Atlas and other StarForce. (This scene will be explained in scene 14.5) CAROL replaced the tesseract with a cube and she put the tesseract inside goose stomach.

(Wait how can she put the tesseract in goose’s stomach??

Because goose was not an ordinary cat but belongs to a different and very dangerous race called ‘Flerkin’, who was bought by Mar-Vell on Earth. How and why did Mar-Vell came to Earth was not explained in the movie.) She ordered to hang on to goose and run along with Maria to the aircraft so they can safely bring the tesseract to Earth. While she distracted all the Kree StarForce to her and defeated all of them without breaking a sweat and Talos were gathering all the skrulls to evacuate to Earth. Jude Law sends some of StarForce to Talos and to capture Fury. When Fury and Maria were running, some Kree StarForce came in front of them to fight but suddenly goose ate all of them! And Talos injured but taken care of all Kree himself, they somehow evacuated to Earth (Fury, Talos, Goose, Maria with tesseract and all skrulls) and captain marvel takes care of Jude Law. Jude Law calls Ronan (Ronan was Kree leader. He has appeared in guardians of the Galaxy vol.1).

(May be Ronan was searching for tesseract because thanos would’ve ordered him to gather infinity stones. As we have seen in guardians of the Galaxy that he was fighting the guardians for power stone…)

Ronan appears along with all the StarForce and other Kree soldiers. Jude Law too evacuates to Earth to bring tesseract back and Carol was unable to stop him because of Ronan. She blasted some of the ronan’s spaceship containing Kree soldiers like they were nothing and scared Ronan with her power. Ronan escapes through a portal with all other Kree soldiers and StarForce left telling captain marvel the he will be back for the stone. Captain marvel returns to Earth to stop Jude law.

(Scene 14(2))

Kree soldiers arrived at space lab of Mar-Vell. Jude law made captain marvel unconscious by enabling limiter that was attached by him to control Carol’s powers and bind her in some technology. While she was unconscious, Kree members scanned the power level of all present from Carol’s team.

Talos was powerful(description showed he was a skrull and can shiftshape) , goose was a flerkin (description shows that he is very very dangerous and more powerful than Talos) , Fury was the weakest with power level equal to 0 or in points (I don’t remember it clearly to be honest) (description shows human , and no danger from Fury).while this was happening ,on the other hand ,when Carol was unconscious, in her mind… She saw a blank space, nothing was there except Mar-Vell and Carol herself. Mar-Vell discouraged and demotivated Carol then she is unable to do anything (Carol remembers some bad memories…)

(Scene 15)

Screen Rant

Captain Marvel arrives to Earth in order to stop Jude Law. Jude law tries to influence her to fight him in hand to hand combat (as he can defeat her in combat as he did in scene1 when they were sparring ) but captain marvel blews him from her powerful photon blast and orders him to leave Earth , go to Hala. Jude law tells her that she can’t return empty handed , so Captain Marvel tells her that he is not going empty handed but with a message that ‘she is coming to Hala to end this War’. She forces him to sit in the pod (the same pod he escaped through space lab to steal tesseract) and fired up its engine with her photon blast. Jude law goes to Hala. (This was not explained either that what happened after he returned to Hala).

 (Scene 16)


Carol was enjoying dinner at Maria’s with fury goose and others (including skrulls). She do a conversation with fury while they both were doing dishes and ordered him in the end of the conversation to keep The Tesseract someplace safe on Earth , as fury promises her to do so. Carol gives a pager to Fury that he may contact her when it is Emergency or whenever he needs her after doing some modifications to the pager. (She beware Fury that contact her only in case of emergency).Then captain marvel good-byes Maria and her daughter that she may take a while to end the war and she don’t know when will she come back to Earth again, and fleas in the space to Hala (probably). (Read Extra to know what happened after this)

                                —————–The End ——————-

(The Pre Credit Scene)


Captain America, black widow and Thor were sitting in a lab like a room with Fury’s pager.

(Fury’s pager was actually connected with some wires and contained in something made of glass and has a stand in it on which pager was sitting upon) Captain America and other wait for some sort of message or feedback so that they may know who might fury have contacted? Black Widow encourages Captain to wait as she believes fury doesn’t do anything unnecessary and all waits. Suddenly Pager stops sending signals to captain marvel and all present in the room focuses on it. Captain America orders her to send the message again but as she was doing so, suddenly Captain Marvel appears behind them asking “where’s fury?”

(The scene was actually not post credit scene but pre credit scene; there is another post credit scene for which I waited 20 minutes)

(Post credit Scene)


This scene opens in the office of Fury. Fury was not in his office that leaves goose alone (I wonder where he would’ve gone). Goose was coughing (like when cats cough fur ball from their mouths) coughing and suddenly he lets the Tesseract out of his stomach through the mouth.

(Extra Knowledge)

This movie belongs to the timeline after ‘captain America: the first avenger’ and before all others. Bcz after Carol flews, fury wants to protect Earth with more of the superheroes like her so he started with Captain America (that’s why the title was the first avenger). Also what happened to the red skull and why the heck was he in infinity war??

Well, he was protecting the soul stone as he was one of the super villains who wanted to grasp their hands on infinity stones.

So Red skull attempted to take soul stone but he doesn’t have anything to sacrifice (as thanos sacrificed her daughter gamora for soul stone) and waiting for thanos to take the stone and do what he wanted (not exactly but yeah). Now how did he know that Thanos would attempt to take infinity stones? Because dormammu told him so. Yes, dormammu also was one of the supervillains to grasp all stones but failed as Dr. Strange failed him to. But all this theory was from comics and I am connecting it to the movie but still, it doesn’t connect well enough. It has also happened that Dr. strange already knew that Thanos would come to take all stones and wipe out half of the universe (as he did already) (he knew so bcz like when he attempted to watch the possibilities in infinity war (remember?!), In the same way, he came to know this) and he told fury that Thanos would do this and whenever that will happen, you should call captain marvel for help. I can verify this as you should again watch infinity war’s post credit. Fury was not surprised with all humans turning into dust and just walks to the car he was in and sends the message to call Carol and vanishes…

This Story Explanation is given by Aditya Mahajan


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